MVP Program

Due to popular demand we are launching an MVP development program! We’ve decided it’s time to invest in the startup community and help our fellow entrepreneurs that may not have the resources readily available to take the first step to build their business on the web or mobile.

For a combination of cash and equity the BuildRX team will now develop your company’s MVP. This organic evolution of the BuildRX business model allows us to invest in promising companies and products while helping you keep startup costs low and us invested in your company’s long-term success.

Our MVPs are built to scale far into the future of your product. We are not in the business of building fast and dirty prototypes, instead we offer you a solid starting point from which your development team can build out subsequent updates and improvements. We always produce well-documented, extensible code you will be happy to use as your foundation.

We Will Help You:
  • Define a scope and identify the most appropriate features for your MVP.
  • Develop wireframes to help you visualize your project (at an additional cost if wireframes come prior to a full commitment).
  • Understand your MVP and how to scale it into the future.
We Will Not Help You To:
  • Raise funding.
  • Market your business (unless you choose to work with us as a regular client at our full rate after the MVP).
  • Hire future developers.
How It Works
First we help you to define your MVP. We work with you to determine what features can and cannot be built within a 6 week period (average span of an MVP build), and what features will be the most effective in testing the market.
After determining a scope we finalize the necessary cash and equity split. Our quotes are based on a discounted hourly rate but we give you a flat rate so you can completely understand the costs involved. You will never be surprised by hidden fees.
Once the initial deposit of 50% is made and equity is distributed we start to build your MVP. We typically require that equity be distributed at time of incorporation (if you are already incorporated we will need to discuss equity in greater detail).
Below is a sample timeline which applies to most MVPs that we build.
Week 1

We work with you to build wireframes of the entire product.

Once the wireframes are completed and approved we start on interface design. Our designer and project manager work closely with you to ensure that the interface meets your vision.

Week 2

We finish the interface designs and do any necessary iterations.

We also start the development process.

Week 3 - Week 5

These weeks focus on development. We update you as frequently as possible. A schedule for updates and deliverables is determined when the project is scoped.

Week 6

QA Testing

Minor Revisions

Post Launch

Although we strive to release flawless code the occasional bug does slip through from time to time. We are always available to fix any issues that may occur post launch.

At our discretion we may help with minor post launch revisions.

  1. Will you accept any startup?
    We are very particular when selecting startups to work with. Why not reach out to us now? [email protected]
  2. How long does it take?
    We strive to build the MVP within 6 weeks. We will work with you to shape your MVP into something that can be built within this timeframe.
  3. How much does it cost?
    We charge a mixture of equity and cash. This allows us to maintain an ongoing interest in the project’s success while also keeping the cost of the MVP down. Our MVP rate is $100 per hour and we will typically work 60 hours per week of work for 6 weeks. This includes a mixture of developer, designer and product/project management time. On average you can expect to spend $36,000 plus 5% equity.
  4. What if I don’t want to give up any equity?
    We’re happy to help at our standard rate which ranges from $150 - $250/hr depending on the scope of the project and resources required. For most projects we have a $50,000 minimum.
  5. Will you sign my NDA?
    Probably not. We hear ideas all the time and don’t want to be put in a position where we can’t work with someone else because they had a similar idea. We promise that we will never frivolously share or expose your idea to the market or to your competitors.
  6. What if we’re already established, or don’t quite fit the definition of a startup?
    Reach out to us and lets see what we can come up with together!
  7. What programming languages will my MVP be built with?
    Most MVPs that we build use PHP, Ruby on Rails and/or Objective C. We work with you to find the best fit for your MVP and your team.